September Monthly Specials


We are now offering “Layaway Hunts” to our customers.  Hunters can put any amount down for a future hunt and continue to make payments from time to time.  This makes it a lot easier to save up for those hunt trips.  The layaway program is not intended for specific animals we may be listing on our current specials.  For more info or questions about layaway hunts, please call/text 361.533.1068.



YES you read that correct…$75! We have way too many porkers on the ranch so here’s your chance to fill the freezer and have some fun! You have to shoot another animal to get this deal. For example: Shoot a ram at regular price and then you can shoot your hog for $75. Guide fee and cleaning fees are $70 additional.

boar hunting in South Texas

1. Monster Black Ram (Nighthorse) –  Just check out the mass and curls on this new outlaw! Let us introduce you to “Nighthorse”! Trophy class Black Hawaiian Sheep Available now for $1495. 

trophy black hawaiian ram hunt in texas

2. Flashy Black Hawaiian (Borracho) – Check out those curls and heavy bases! We call this outlaw “El Borracho” and he’s available now for $1495. Great one for the wall! Big Black sheep are getting hard to find…don’t miss out!!

trophy black hawaiian ram hunt in texas

3. Huge Merino (Big Al) – Big and Super symmetrical Stud Ram! Gigantic curls on this new outlaw and lots of MASS! We call this bad dude “Big Al” and he’s Available now for $1295. High record book sheep!

trophy merino ram hunt in south Texas

4. Big Tx Dall   (OX) – This is one of the baddest dalls around! He has a huge body with awesome curls and thats why we call this mean hombre “The OX”!  Available now for $1295. 

trophy dall ram hunt in texas

5. Strawberry Dall   (Red Bone) – Incredible color on this sharp looking Strawberry Dall Ram! Nice curls and an incredible beard! These dark red dalls are rare and getting hard to find. Don’t miss out on this one! Available now for $895. 

trophy dall ram hunt in texas

6. Painted Desert   (Candy) – SOLD!! Incredible flashy color on this sharp looking Painted Desert Ram! Nice mouflon style curls and an awesome beard! Colorful paints are rare and getting hard to find. Don’t miss out on this one! Available now for $895. 

trophy painted desert ram hunt in texas

7. Bison Rug – We have a brand new large buffalo/bison bull hide fresh out of the tannery available for sale. Professionally tanned with that fresh leather smell. Will make an awesome rug, robe or coat! Great western showpiece for any room. Can be picked up at ranch. $850


8. Gold Medal Ibex Cross (Pancho) –  Check out this wicked looking Ibex Cross with record book 29″ horns and great color. We call this outlaw  “Pancho Villa” …on sale now for $1,495. We promise you, the pic doesn’t do this GIANT GOAT JUSTICE!!! This is an extremely wild goat to hunt. May have to hunt him out of stand.

trophy ibex goat hunt in south Texas

9. Dove Hunts –  It’s never too early to get that dove hunt booked! September is just around the corner. All size groups up to 20 welcome! Package #1 Dove only – $225 with 2 nights lodging. Package #2 Add a dove to any other exotic hunt for only $110.

dove hunting in benavides Texas