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May Monthly Specials


We are now offering “Layaway Hunts” to our customers.  Hunters can put any amount down for a future hunt and continue to make payments from time to time.  This makes it a lot easier to save up for those hunt trips.  The layaway program is not intended for specific animals we may be listing on our current specials.  For more info or questions about layaway hunts, please call/text 361.533.1068.

Guide Fees and Caping/quartering fees are not included in the specials below. To view a list of miscellaneous fees, please click on Exotic Hunts under the Hunt Packages tab and scroll to the bottom.

1. Monster LongTusi (The Tx Tornado) – Here’s a GIANT LongTusi with a helluva set of horns! Just check out that huge spread!! Phenomenal coloring with tiger striping that will make an incredible rug! You get the best of both worlds with this beast…lots of meat and a great trophy for the wall!! Over 800 pounds!! We call this outlaw “The Texas Tornado”! Available for $1850 and includes 2 nights in our Bighorn Lodge!

Huge Longtusi hunt in south texas

2. Monster Black Hawaiin (Mr. Big Shit) – SOLD! One of our most popular trophy requests are Big Black Rams! This Giant has it all! Great coloring, huge wide curls with tons of rings and ridges, plus heavy mass throughout! Check out the golden color of the curls! He’s the King of the woods and that’s why we call him “Mr. Big Shit”! $1995 includes 2 nights in the Bighorn Lodge! Take advantage of summer time deals! 

world class hawaiian sheep hunt in texas

3. Super Wide Ram (Big Dick Johnson) – For those of you that like em’ wide, here ya go!! This Corsican/Painted Desert cross is a dream ram for trophy hunters! He has huge massive curls that sweep way out! He’s hauling a wide load folks! Great face coloring and nice mane! We call this outlaw “Big Dick Johnson” and he’s ready to do the dance pardners! $1995 includes 2 nights in the Bighorn Lodge!

record class barbado sheep hunt in south texas

4. Huge Black Ram (The Maverick) – This a good lookin’ ram folks! This Black Hawaiian has a nice wide spread and check out that jet black coloring! We call this outlaw “The Maverick” and he’s ready to do the dance pardners! $1350 includes 2 nights in the Bighorn Lodge!

record book ram hunt in south texas

5. Big Scimitar Oryx – We’ve gotten lots of request to bring back the majestic scimitar horned oryx and that’s exactly what we did!! This African antelope ranks hig as one of the most handsome in the world! Beautiful coloring and long thick horns! Not only will you be getting an exceptional trophy for the wall but you’ll also be putting some of the finest meat on your family’s table this season! Hunts are very limited and we don’t expect them to last long! $5495 includes 2 nights in the Bighorn Lodge! Reserve your hunt before they’re gone!


6. Flashy Zebu (Pretty Boy) – Super sharp looking Zebu Bull perfect for an affordable meat hunt. Very flashy coloring if you want to do get a nice rug made! We call this outlaw “Pretty Boy” and he’s available for only $850. Don’t go shoot some puny axis doe for the same money! Who’s gonna be the lucky hunter to drop him!? 

trophy zebu hunt in south texas

7. Trophy Tx Dall (Kid Rock) – SOLD WITHIN 15 MINUTES OF POSTING!! Here’s a fancy Tx Dall with deep curls! Nice heavy bases and check out that Santa Claus beard! We call this bad hombre “Kid Rock” and he’s ready to rumble! Reserve this South Texas “Bighorn” today! $895 includes 2 nights in the Bighorn Lodge! 

record class dall ram hunt in texas

8. LongTusi – They are Back by Popular Demand! These GIGANTIC beasts are a Watusi/Longhorn hybrid and fun to hunt in our South Texas brush. Each one is unique! If you’ve shopped around for meat hunts, you already know everything is sky high especially Axis deer. Some ranches are charging as much as $1000 for a doe. Why spend that kind money for a small puny deer?! You can take a LongTusi with huge horns and lots of good eating meat for only $1295. About 800 pounds live weight. Book it now! These go fast and we’ve just added more! Best Bang for the Buck $$$$!


9. Awesome Four Horn (Devil’s Magic) –  Here’s an absolutely wicked looking Four Horn Ram! Super cool horn structure! We don’t get these too often so they are rare and hard to find! We call this outlaw “Devil’s Magic” and he’s ready to do the dance! This is a steal at $895. Includes 2 nights in the Bighorn Lodge.

trophy four horn ram hunt in south texas

10. Huge Bison Cows – We don’t offer big mature bison cows often so here’s a rare opportunity to hunt one! These cows have been relocated all the way from North Dakota so they have thick beautiful full winter coats, nice horns and are 800-1000 lbs. You can now hunt these majestic beasts in the legendary brush country of South Texas! Biologist wants us to shoot 50 big cows before April and the upcoming breeding season. $2995 includes 2 nights in the Bighorn Lodge! Update: 1/19/24 (36 left) 1/31/24 (31 left) 2/6/24 (27 left)

huge bison cow hunts in south texas

11. Heavy Mass Corsican (Gunsmoke Joe) – Here’s a a heavy duty Corsican with super deep curls! Looks alot like a “Bighorn Ram”. Has the classic horn configuration as well as great coloring! We call this outlaw “Gunsmoke Joe” and he’s ready for a shootout! $1695 includes 2 nights lodging. This one is a steal folks!

huge corsican ram hunt in south texas

12. Slick Black Hawaiian (Gunslinger) – Here’s a “classic” looking Black Ram at a good price! Heavy Bases! Nice full symmetrical curls! Great coloring and lots of detail in the horns! We call this outlaw “Gunslinger” and he’s ready for a shootout! $895 includes 2 nights lodging. 

trophy black ram hunting in texas

13. Bargain Flashy Paint (Moonshine) – Here’s a Painted Desert perfect for the hunter on a tighter budget! We call this outlaw “Moonshine” and he’s a steal at only $695! Come hunt this bandit today!

discount ram hunt in south texas

14. Bargain Corsican (Soggy Bottom Boy) – SOLD! Super cool looking Corsican with full curls at a great price! We call this outlaw the “Soggy Bottom Boy” and he’s a steal at only $750! Come hunt this outlaw today!

barbado ram hunt in south texas

15. Monster Corsican (The Gunfighter) – Here’s an absolute beast of a ram! This ol’ Corsican is a mass monster! Just look at the bases on this big son of a bitch! Massive spread as well! We call this outlaw “The Gunfighter” and he’s a steal at only $1995! Come hunt this outlaw today!

bighorn ram hunt in south texas