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January Specials (New Specials Coming Soon)

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*****We are booking up dates fast for JANUARY – APRIL.  It’s very important that you make your reservations ASAP if you are wanting to hunt some time over the next several months.*****

LAYAWAY PLANS NOW AVAILABLE – We are now offering “Layaway Hunts” to our customers.  Hunters can put any amount down for a future hunt and continue to make payments from time to time.  This makes it a lot easier to save up for those hunt trips.  The layaway program is not intended for specific animals we may be listing on our current specials.  For more info or questions about layaway hunts, please call/text 361.533.1068.


New Tees are in!! This is #1 through #5 in the series of vintage tee designs.  The “BELIEVE” tee is inspired by the Legend of Bigfoot.  All you Squatchers need to get a hold of one.  The “BUCK OFF” tee is perfect for all you outspoken hunters.  On sale for $15.  We can ship you one or pick them up at the ranch on your next hunt! Available in Heather Bronze, Heather Military, Heather Cardinal and Heather Royal. BUCK OFF only available in Sport Grey. 

grey tshirtbigfoot t    IMG_4117ChiefIMG_4111Tatgreen tshirt


1. Bison Meat Hunts –  We’ve been getting a ton of calls about our meat hunts.  Hunts are gonna start in December and continue until we sell out.  Hunts are limited and they never last long. Here’s your chance to hunt the most iconic animal of North America! $2195 gets you the animal and up to 2 nights lodging. Serious inquiries text or call 361-533-1068.

American buffalo bison hunt

2. Aoudad – We have some super nice aoudad males new to the specials this week.  We havn’t hunted them in years, so here’s your chance to be one of the first.  $2495…Serious inquiries call or text 361-533-1068.

trophy aoudad hunt in texas

3. Taxidermy Mounts – As many of yall know, we are remodeling our lodge and are selling several nice mounts at rock bottom prices.  We have a huge 1/2 body Aoudad Mount for $195 and a 1/2 body Catalina Goat mount for $150. Take both for $325.  Both are mounted on very realistic rock bases and meant to hang on wall.  You won’t find mounts this cheap PERIOD! Ask Anthony at the ranch if interested…

4. Monster Corsican Ram (Deadwood Dick) – If you’re looking for a massive ram for the wall, this is your deal!  This Gold Medal Record Book sheep has it all…big deep heavy curls and awesome color on the cape.  We call this bad hombre “Deadwood Dick.” Come hunt this legendary ram today…$1995 and includes 2 nights lodging in The Bighorn Lodge.

5. Turkey –  Well Folks Turkey season is just around the corner! South Texas season runs March 16 through April 28.  Price is $350 for one bird and lodging. $200 for 2nd bird. Two hunter minimum…Call/text us for details 361-533-1068

6. BIG WATUSI Bull (Big Willy) – Sell Pending! Here’s something we don’t have available too often… MONSTER AFRICAN WATUSI.  We call this bad hombre “Big Willy.” This is the perfect hunt for the hunter looking for a truckload of meat and some incredible horns to display on the wall! Call up a buddy and go half and half with him!  Pic coming soon $2095

7. Trophy Blackbuck – Here’s a beauty! Nice Big Spirals and very dark color! Great trophy and eating at a super good price of only $2495. Remember our hunts include 2 nights lodging in the Bighorn Lodge. The buck in the pic is the one you’ll be hunting!

trophy blackbuck antelope in texas

8. Scimitar Horned Oryx – No need to go to Africa and risk your safety!   Only $3295 cause NO ONE beats our prices!!

scimitar horned oryx hunt

9. New Zealand Mountain Goats – 1 SOLD / 1 LEFT. Dang!… we havn’t had these goats in a long time…We have 2 Big Bad NZ Mountain Goats on this week’s hit list! If you are looking for some serious “bone on the head” this is your deal! We call these 2 bad hombres “Curly Bill” and “Dirty Frank.” $895 each. No Pics yet…

10. Fallow (Butch & Sundance) – We have a pair of nice spotted Fallow bucks running together. We call them “Butch & Sundance.”  Good looking bucks for $2695 or grab a buddy and shoot both for $4995. Text or call us today 361-533-1068





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