All of our hunts include lodging on the ranch.  The Bighorn Lodge is situated amongst the rugged country.  You can view our majestic bison herd and other wildlife from the porch. The breathtaking views of our south Texas sunrises and sunsets make the stay one you will never forget.  Our lodge is bunk style with all the comforts of home.  Lodge has AC/Heat, Complete indoor kitchen/Outdoor Grill, Multiple Bathrooms/Showers, Living Room with Satellite TV.  We can accommodate up to 20 persons in the bunk room.  Perfect for family retreat hunts, company hunts, bachelor parties and church group hunts.  We also have a large walk in cooler to keep all your game fresh during your stay at the ranch.  Please remember that Bison/Buffalo are wild and dangerous. They should never be approached.

Bighorn Lodge   tatonka creek lodge   TATONKA CREEK LODGE   tatonka creek lodge        TATONKA CREEK LODGE   TATONKA CREEK TV ROOM bunks

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